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Bones of Paradise: A Novel Examined by Jonis Agee
Nebraska author Jones Agee's novel, Bones of Paradise, the 2022 One Book, One Nebraska selection, offers readers a multi-generational saga set in the Nebraska Sand Hills. Agee discusses how she came to write this story in this setting, and shares her approaches to research, character development and more.

Brief History of the Five Tribes of Nebraska: Omaha, Ponca, Pawnee, Santee, and Winnegago by Nancy Gillis
A look at the origins, history, and current state of these five tribes. This can be easily adapted for age group appropriate K-12 or adult. 45-60 min.

Lifestyles of Lakota Women by Phyllis R. Stone
As a descendant of Chief Iron Shell, a peace chief of the Rosebud Sioux, Stone shares her expertise on the lifestyle of a Lakota woman from birth to death. She describes changes that have come about in modern times, contrasting the contemporary lifestyles of Lakota women with past traditions. The degree to which Lakota women lead lives separately and distinctly from men in their tribe is discussed, and variations of practices that can be found among women in the tribe are described. Stone’s intimate knowledge of her Rosebud Sioux people and their ceremonies, her native attire and artifacts make this a rich and unique experience for young people.

Cattle Towns and Soiled Doves by Marla Matkin
Possessing a twinkle in her eye and a tantalizing sense of humor, the Contessa is in rare form as she deftly transports you to the frontier of cow towns, painted ladies and the riveting characters that strode the streets and rode the range. Movies, television and novels have long kept the West and its saga alive, but it takes the insight of a charmer such as the Contessa to immerse you in the history and lore of such an unforgettable moment in time. Her invitation is an appeal to suspend 21st century reality and travel back to the boomtowns where men lived by the gun and women lived by their wits. It’s the Victorian Era on the wild side. As the Contessa, Matkin employs ample supplies of humor, sensitivity and skill to navigate the nuances of the subjects of this presentation.

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